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Using A Fogging Machine

A fogging machine or fogger is a piece of equipment that uses a fine mist at ultra low volumes (ULV) to apply cleaning chemicals. Using Medifogg disinfectant solution with a fogging machine not only kills airborne pathogens, but lands on surfaces including those hard to reach areas giving a safe, disinfected surface. Right now fogging machines are ideal as an effective tool in the fight against Covid-19, seasonal flu and other airborne pathogens. While cleaning regularly maybe a normal practice for most companies, the introduction of Medifogg machines would bring significant time and cost savings, providing peace of mind and allowing staff to focus on your core business. 
  •  As easy to use as a hoover or mop

  • Effective air and surface decontamination

  • Provides peace of mind for your staff, customers and visitors alike

  • Significantly reduces the number of pathogens compared to traditional cleaning alone

  • Use foggers in conjunction with Medifogg all purpose AntiViral disinfectant

  • Huge cost savings when compared to the application of regular spray cleaning fluids

  • Triple action - sanitises, deodorises and protects

  • No COSHH Controls or specialist operator training required 

We anticipate that using a fogger will become as routine as using a hoover or mopping the floor - & it's just as easy. This cost effective and speedy solution used in conjunction with regular cleaning will provide customers and staff with confidence that you take sanitising seriously; a factor that's now more important than ever for your business.


  • Covers large areas quickly and effectively

  • Simple to use

  • A speedy disinfection of your home or business

  • The area is safe to use in as little as 15 minutes

  • SPRAY from high to low throughout the area

  • Fine droplets settle underneath, on top of and one the side of many objects and inaccessible areas

  • Remember to wear appropriate PPE as per government guidelines & dependent on the level of risk in your environment.

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